JL gallery – pictures from behind the scenes Shanghai 1920

A very BIG thank you to the generous Mr. Elven Ho who has shared his behind the scenes pictures and memories from the 1991 movie Shanghai 1920 – I will be interviewing Elven soon for an insight into the Asian market and what they look for from a writer, stay tuned! Thank you my friend, hope to catch up with you in London this year.






5 responses to “JL gallery – pictures from behind the scenes Shanghai 1920”

  1. GYChingLay Avatar

    I’ve not seen this movie. Must look for it. Loved him in M. Butterfly.

    1. victoriathomas72 Avatar

      It’s a great movie , you’ll love it I’m sure. Got some more behind the scenes pix coming up. Stay tuned x

    2. victoriathomas72 Avatar

      ps – let me know when you’ve seen it x

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  3. […] Here’s some behind the scene pix from Shanghai 1920. […]

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