Returning to China…

Next week I return to one of the most fascinating countries I have ever been to, China! and more specifically Beijing! With my last trip to the capital being way back in 1992 I think its time for a visit,

I was supposed to be running the Great Wall marathon however a triple ankle fracture at Christmas has scuppered any chances of that – so I am hiking 8.5 k’s of it instead. To be perfectly honest I am just glad to be walking again and so the hike is going to be as rewarding as the marathon – I’ll have the same feeling of achievement.  I also think its a very good message to my daughter that no matter what position you find yourself in you can still achieve your goals with grit and determination.  There is no shame hiking it, and by the Wall incline elevations I was sent earlier this week by the tour operator I am quite glad I am not running it now.

I will also be gathering research for my story and taking many photos which I will share on here in the gallery pix.  This experience I can’t wait to share with my family, specifically my daughter – I just hope she doesn’t point at the Forbidden City and say ‘Mulan’.

Last trip back in 1992 with a friend from years ago… how our lives have changed.


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