Bertie is transformed into animation…

My first episode seems to be taking a new, exciting turn and something I feel incredibly happy about.  I’ve decided to get a piece of the story animated, a teaser so to speak and will get it uploaded here on the blog as well as create Bertie’s own YouTube channel.

I’m incredibly lucky to have connected to some very talented musicians, animators and actors to bring this into life.  The doors seem to be opening up in this direction for me for my story and as a writer we need to remain flexible and embrace change.

This also gives me the chance to tell the story as I intended.  If it remains animated who knows, but for now, this just feels right.

Exciting times lay ahead.  

“She had a terrible fondness for other men actually. A social life like that was terribly exhausting for her. The heart can only take so much, till it stops, beating, loving, it seems.”  Dr Albert ‘Bertie’ Chan, SPRING



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