Donations from the heart…

It was always my intention during my writing process to be able to make charity donations – in a way to give something back to those that have inspired me or touched me on my journey.  Its something I have always done – being able to thank someone via a donation to help others is the best way for me to do this and feels right, inside.

Firstly I wanted to donate to a charity that John may support initially for the inspiration for Bertie, but I was advised he was a supporter of many charities so I chose one specifically that felt right (and one that I reckon he would approve of).

The Hong Kong Dog Rescue has re-homed over 7,500 dogs and are part of the No Kill Organisation, meaning no dog (unless medically required) will be euthanised under its care.  Their contact address is in Ap Lei Chau,  where I lived for quite sometime back in the 90’s in my wild Gweilo days (slept without a mattress on the floor for a year, if my mother is reading this then I apologise I never told you!).

I have so many happy memories in Ap Lei Chau and a bit of a dog lover myself, that I knew instinctively this was the one for me!  Plus how can anyone not be moved by those cute dog faces.  They sent me a lovely acknowledgment for my donation – and I hope to visit them when I return to Hong Kong in the future.  They exist on public donations and fundraising, please do visit their website for more information…



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