Finding your creativity corner…

After brainstorming for the past hour and making 4 whole pages worth of notes to improve my story I have named my current corner of the cafe as my ‘creativity corner’!

I work from home mostly in the week and often find myself working on this project from the same room as my normal job… and this didn’t feel right, I was shuffling between both and getting overwhelmed by the whole re-write I need to conduct on my story.

Separating the two areas to sit and think about each in isolation seems to have made me more efficient at both and now I am flowing with ideas, breaking down the re-write into sections, it feels good – I feel organised!

Being someone who gets easily distracted – this is the way forwards for me and I will continue to do this on a weekly basis.  Plus they serve up the most fabulous smashed avocado on sourdough … and Americano.



Only a few annoying people to drown out as they talk LOUDLY about the some boring crap on the TV. but a good place to sit and observe behaviour too.  One overly important businessman is across from me now, full of bravado on his phone opposite his junior colleague (who obviously thinks he’s a dick).   It amazing how many people dominate conversations, even in groups of people, their voices booming over their companions with no awareness.

If you’re sat in a cafe and clock a woman with bright red lipstick, it may be me… if I am looking at you, I may also be writing about you too….


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