Lucky 8’s?

A year ago on the 8th August 2017, I sent ‘a rougher than rough‘ draft of my first Bertie story to Billie, a very patient lady.  Littered with typos and not much character tension it didn’t have much going for it, but I wanted to show a glimpse of Bertie’s world, a raw Bertie. The script at that time sat in theatre-style dialogue with screen elements – something that keeps calling me for how this story should be told.  But that’s aspirations for a later date.

A year later and a lot wiser, its currently undergoing a re-write – different location more tension, more drama with the genre established at the outset (not to mention animated elements which will be released on this blog).

This journey itself has brought me closer to many writers and film-makers from around the world who have been keen to share their experiences.  For an isolating hobby, it seems writers have been more than happy to reach out – I am so grateful for this.

On the 8th August this year, I will be meeting with colleagues to discuss this project and how to move it forward.  I was wondering if I would have the luck of all the 8’s, 8.8.18.

No doubt there will be more tears and sleepless nights as I continue on, but at the moment I am not willing to give up on Bertie and it seems he is not willing to give up on me.


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