Meeting Lee & Greg #WAR #NOIR

I have truly been amazed by the generosity of other writers and filmmakers to share their experiences while I continue on my path creating my own story.  After approaching Lee Anthony Smith for a quote for the movie WAR (which I reviewed here as part of my John Lone film series).   I got chatting to his writing partner Gregory Bradley about their upcoming 1950’s inspired thriller/horror movie, NOIR – and you can imagine my surprise where he agreed to an interview.  Part 1 has been uploaded on Bertie’s YouTube account – please go check it out! They discuss their creation process behind WAR and NOIR – a must listen for anyone starting out.

My SKYPE video recorder failed (groan) but I managed to capture the audio and overlay the gorgeous pix of NOIR that they have shared on their Facebook page, plus some of WAR too.

They had some memories of John to share too, how his past performances provided a template for Chang in WAR – it seems like he is an inspiration to many writers over the world.

Please do head on over to their Facebook page and LIKE and SHARE the NOIR page with your friends.




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4 thoughts on “Meeting Lee & Greg #WAR #NOIR

  1. Great interview!!! 👍🏻 Looking forward to watching the movie… love a good horror!

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