Recently in a writer’s group, someone asked “what do you with distractions while writing” My answer: switch off social media.

Oddly enough. It was not long after I saw this on Instagram.


Of course, I re-posted it on all my social media outlets!  Pah!

In all seriousness, I’ve had to limit myself to morning and evening social media interaction as it can seriously harm any attempt at re-creating my story.  At night I put my phones on the other side of the room and leave them there till morning.  My sleep is better and its just more healthy not to have something constantly beeping at you, distracting, distracting, distracting…

Time is so precious for me, I have a full-time job on top of a child and husband on shifts. Then I write in my spare time, so that spare time has to be solely for me, or I will be forever answering WhatsApp, FB, Twitter and everything else.

So while I head into my next 20 pages with gusto and turn into Jack Torrance (minus the axe) – I can whole-heartedly recommend disconnecting, so you can re-connect with more to give.

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