25,000 milestone – The Mighty Dragon

I’m not normally a number chaser at all – in fact, I hate numbers, always have preferred words! However, I can’t help feeling an overwhelming sense of pride hitting the 25,000 viewer milestone with The Mighty Dragon.

My first post explaining my project was back in February – I’ve not wanted to bomb the blog too much with content, but contain it to interviews and thoughts I have along the way.  Hoping that it helps other writers at least as I continue further along this path. The interviews I am most proud of, those interviewed have been very open and honest – I’m so appreciative they used my blog as a platform to voice their thoughts and be a place of reflection.

A truly international blog, its reached many parts of the world, Hong Kong, Malaysia, USA, Indonesia, Montenegro, Madagascar, Guam, Faroe Islands, Morocco and the Cayman Islands to name a few! When I look at my reach on the map of the world on WordPress, I have covered most of it.

Reaching out to so many writers, around the world – who have been so willing to share and help me, I am so grateful.  In this busy world, a small gesture goes a very long way – so likes, comments, and shares have been wonderful! Thank you.

As Autumn roots itself into an already freezing Cotswolds – I’ll be busy working on Bertie BUT there are some interviews coming up that you won’t want to miss.


Thank you for reading,

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