Like the sound of your own voice?

I have never been able to sing in tune at all, in fact I was asked to stop singing and just mouth the lines in a schools Christmas carol back in the 70’s.  That’s great teaching folks! Way to empower a child back in the day and not instill any sense of failure!

So, to be asked if you liked the sound of your own voice – my immediate thought was HELL NO.  But actually, its not that voice that we need to concentrate on here, its your writing voice!  It can take years to develop it apparently, but with consistent practice and sheer determination you will develop it and be your unique stamp on any script.  I read recently that one script consultant knows which client has written a script without even looking at the name of the writer, because of their voice, their imprint they have left like DNA on the pages.

I think part of the success of this blog is that its been in my voice, a lot of my friends who know me in the non-virtual world have said its like I am talking to them personally. It won’t be polished content you see on here, it will be me, warts and all.  This to me though indicates that there is a turn in my writing style – where I am not writing as a blogger or what I think people want to see, but rather in my own unique style.  This topic I will touch on upcoming interviews with writers – how they found their style.

With the interviews I conduct I want them to feel natural, as if I am sitting across the table from someone and THEIR personality shines through. The ten questions I pose, I want to be as useful as possible to the audience and also to the interviewee, that both benefit from the content. Authenticity and realness are my main aims.

As for singing voice, p’ah it doesn’t matter… my writing voice is the only one that matters.

Check out my latest interviews here.


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