Six months – looking ahead

To be able to write at whim must be a wonderful feeling – to have no other commitments other than to write and create. I envy those writers who have the time and space to play around with ideas and keep pushing the possibilities with characters and tackling decisions on their path. For me its very sporadic, especially at the moment as we are working our way through a very busy end of year broadcast schedule at work.

However, as with all good holidays, as my was recent family trip to Venice! It made me sit back and think about my organisation (or lack of) with writing.  I still see it very much as an enjoyable activity when I have time to myself.  But to get serious and get this finished I need to get cracking, with consistency and dedication. After all, in the next 6 months I am going to send it out into the world to see if it can stir any interest. So my action plan is to dedicate time per day to write – and that starts next week. Even if its a page or two a day, but just keep practising as every other writer has advised me.

I’ve also set myself a ‘read a script a week’ challenge too, the first script recommended to me was Escape from New York  so will head off and find that to download for next week too.

I’m 30 pages in to the first of the two scripts and pondering whether to kill off a main character already, its shed something new into the story.  It would be a bold move… but I feel essential to the story and has made the other characters become more alive and full of potential. I’m liking this dark turn in my tale.

Next week can’t start soon enough,  so I can progress forward and bring Bertie full circle.

Enjoy the weekend folks.



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