The Queenie’s speech – end of year message… The Mighty Dragon

What a fabulous year its been for The Mighty Dragon!

My first blog post appeared on Jan 30, 2018, initially just a place to drop my thoughts while writing a series and now, nearly a year on, 20 interviews, film reviews and more – we’ve hurtled past 40,000 views heading towards the big 50,000 – I couldn’t be more grateful.

The interviews I have conducted and published on the blog have greatly enhanced it – and given it a new steer for content.  Sending A HUGE THANKS to those  I have interviewed – it’s been an honour to have your story, thoughts and opinions on my blog – thank you for trusting me to deliver your message.  Thanks too to the readers, friends, family and supporters – I’m so grateful for the many friends I’ve made all over the world. May I wish you all the success for 2019.

To close this year I have two of John Lone’s film reviews to complete, Shadow of China and Iceman.  I can still hope for a Christmas miracle that I can interview him – may be one day I will be lucky. In any case, I wish him much happiness for 2019 and thank you for inspiring my character, Bertie.

As for me, I started the year nursing a triple broken ankle, but more breathtaking moments were hobbling round the Great Wall of China, visiting my Great Uncles grave in Bologna and falling into the arms of Jason Momoa! I was so very happy to return to China and I truly count my blessings every day that my daughter is happy and healthy, if not a little highly spirited.

As we wind down for the Christmas break and smash into 2019, there’s more for The Mighty Dragon and there’s more for me. But, you’ll have to read it here on the blog! However, I’m mostly excited about returning to a place I once called home, Hong Kong (and eating some damn decent dim sum after 20+ years!).

Lastly big thanks to the husband and daughter for being part of this insane journey.

Sending you all peace and love,

(known to some as Queenie)

me, Gav & Mia




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