The Mighty Dragon podcast with Owen Hunt #comedywriter #realitytransurfing

The Mighty Dragon celebrates its second podcast with comedy writer and performer Owen Hunt.

I first met Owen on his YouTube channel, Bootsy Greenwood, where he talks mostly about the principles behind Reality Transurfing (an alternative reality book written by Quantum Physicist Vadim Zeland). Reality Transurfing is a very deep, thought provoking and exciting concept and Owen delivers it on YouTube in his own unique style where you can see shades of his comedy persona come through. We touch upon some of the Reality Transurfing principles in this discussion – if you’re interested hop on over to to find out more.

I couldn’t wait to talk to Owen on his thoughts on what makes great comedy writing and performances, something I didn’t appreciate the complexities of!

The Mighty Dragon vs Owen Hunt


Behind The Dial podcast website
Stewart Huff’s hour
YouTube – Bootsy Greenwood
Instagram: @bootsygreenwood

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