Hey – how you doing?!

Hey all – thought I’d drop by and say a short hello.

I’ve taken a wee breather from The Mighty Dragon recently to catch up with writing the new and improved pilot.

Throwing everything at it.

The enhanced outlining work with my script consultant has been a real turning point for me. The time and investment has been worth it. I’d recommend any writer to go that route if they are able to.

We’ve also been busy in the school holidays with a few short breaks to York and Belfast, plus it’s the busiest time of the year for me at work (not to mention recovering from a chest cold thats got a stronger grip than a vice – my voice sounds like I’ve been smoking 100 fags a day for years – p’ah).

Hope you are all enjoying the summer and excited to enter the Autumn months. I am. I’ve a couple of interviews coming up which kick start me into the last part of the year which also sees me complete my pilot and then push it out into the world. And then … who knows.

Lastly, with kind permission from Rob Levine (@RobLevine82 – Twitter) he has allowed me to share this picture of John Lone and Tzi Ma from The Dance and the Railroad days. Such a great picture of both of them! Thanks Rob.

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