The Mighty Dragon call with Phillip Noyce #director #producer #writer

Last year I interviewed director Phillip Noyce for this blog – we discussed Echoes of Paradise, Dead Calm and also his writing style. You can see the transcribed interview here.

Phillip has kindly agreed to me uploading a sound bite of our call where he talks about the challenges of filming Echoes of Paradise. A last minute embargo on Australian media entering Indonesia resulted in a location change to Thailand. That meant a script change, a total rewrite in two weeks!

When I first watched the movie I felt instinctively that it should have been Raka’s story (John Lone’s character) and glad I was proved right. it just shows with the best laid plans things can change.

Hear Phillip talk about how this affected the filming and also John, who had been in an Indonesian Palace for a month with the real Raka.

NOTE: you can hear the nerves in my voice – that’s why I am a writer.

Big thanks to Phillip (as ever!) and Warren for permission to use this soundbite and pictures.

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