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I first saw Andrew in the Noir set of interviews with Lee and Greg a while back here on The Mighty Dragon. Their project Noir remains special to me as it was one of my first interviews for the blog (and indeed my first video call interview with the boys).

Andrew stars as private investigator Max Spector in Noir and I am delighted he agreed to an interview for me. Andrew is known for  NoirFinding Steve McQueen (2019) and BFFs (2014).

Thanks Andy for this interview.

Vikki: When did you know you wanted to become an actor?

Andrew: As young as I can remember I was always entertaining myself by watching Clint Eastwood movies and standing in front of the tv and acting out the scenes saying the cool dialogue, that’s probably when, but I never said it out aloud to someone else.

Next thing you know I’m 21 or 22 in my first acting class in New York, then I said it out aloud.

Vikki: Who were your acting inspirations?

Andrew: Inspirations, there are many, obviously Clint Eastwood and the Sergio Leone movies entertained me to the point where I’m acting out scenes by myself in front of the television. Also the great perfomances by many actors and the movies they were in, Streetcar and Raging Bull.

Really any great performance is inspiring, but real inspirations for me are by those who believed and pushed me to find what was in me and get it out and use it.

My first acting coach in New York Greg Zittel and coach Ivana Chubbuck are two who helped do that.

Vikki: I see you have completed quite a few short films. What do you feel are the strengths in short film as an actor?

Andrew: After reading this question I went and looked at my resume and yeah I guess I have, really doing the shorts was an opportunity to work with friends and stay busy.

Vikki: What has been your favourite project so far? And why?

Andrew: I would say the movie that is in post production,”Noir”. I play PI Max Specter in my first leading role and it was a lot of fun working and I really just enjoy the process from script to set and the battle of redemption Max goes through.

Vikki: What key attributes should an actor bring to the set?

Andrew: Be prepared and relaxed. Being prepared helps me be relaxed.

Vikki: What attracted you to the part of Max Spector in Noir?

Andrew: The struggle, the fight for redemption.

Vikki: Is there a genre which you prefer working in?

I like it all.

Vikki: Should every actor experience the stage?

Andrew: I don’t want to say what anyone should do, but I like it.

Vikki: I see on Facebook you often share posts about the destruction of the planet and animal welfare issues. Is this an area you are exploring more personally or professionally?

Andrew: Wow, we live in this world we should take care of it and all living  things in it the best we can, in the time we have.

Vikki: What would be your advice to anyone wanting to follow in your steps?

Andrew: Don’t follow my footsteps…haha. Really knowing what you want, if you know what you want, you have purpose.


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