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My final interview of the year is with author, actress and friend A.V Turner. Otherwise known to me as Allie. I met Allie in the Twitterland running community quite some years ago and we hit it off immediately.

Allie is a very successful self-published author, her Mike Snow and Harris the Hedgehog series boasts 5 stars on Amazon. She is probably one of the few, if not only, writer who crosses genres (adults to children’s books) with the same theme, running.

I wanted to speak to Allie about her background in acting and how this helped as she became a writer. We discuss the early struggles with the perception of becoming self-published as well as her cross over from Mike Snow to Harris the Hedgehog.

The Mighty Dragon speaks to A.V. Turner

Allie very kindly used her acting skills to sound out a very early script of mine, and I am so glad that we got to meet in person after such a long time chatting online.

A.V. Turner

The 3rd book in the #harristhehedgehog series will be available to buy on Friday 6th Dec 2019. You can grab a copy here:


Mike Snow series
Harris the Hedgehog – Harris meets the Queen.
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