Christmas thoughts … closing the year

Christmas seems to roll around at an alarming rate as you get older, this year too seems to have flown by so fast.

2019 saw me finish my pilot after two years of slogging away at different versions, it has truly been an epic roller coaster. Next is an animated version of the Teaser and part of Act 1 which will be launched on YouTube. Can’t wait to release Bertie’s story out there. Whatever happens, I am so proud of this achievement alone.  The guidance from my script consultant has been invaluable, a big thank you to David Silverman.

Next up is a short film which I am submitting in the BBC Drama window, Christmas inspired, it’s quirky and unusual and fun to write during this season. My main aim of 2020 is to keep writing and not stop, really concentrate on amassing a solid bank of writing work.

The Mighty Dragon blog has done phenomenally well, I am ending the year with over 130k views and an impressive international presence. The interviews have really boosted the views and it has been an honour to carry the stories of such incredibly talented people. A huge thanks goes to Mike Leeder for his support. 

Big thanks too to Billie for meeting me in Hong Kong and treating me to goose and 鸳鸯 – may I wish you all the best for 2020 and beyond.

Finally thanks to all my friends and family at home and overseas for supporting me throughout this year on my writing endeavours. 

Merry Christmas to all and have a wonderful, peaceful and happy 2020.


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