2020 shake-up for The Mighty Dragon

New do… just need a nights sleep.

A belated Happy New Year from The Mighty Dragon. Lets hope 2020 has started well for you all and continues to bring lots of exciting opportunities throughout the year for my writer buddies and filmmakers across the globe.

With a new year comes new changes and I decided to make a few upgrades here to this blog and also how I learn as a writer, mainly just to shake things up a bit.

Most importantly, I want to bring some new content on-board and release my grip on writing it all.

The Mighty Dragon 2020 resolutions;

  • more film, tv and shorts reviews – this is a much advised practice from my esteemed colleagues to further study tv and film.
  • read more scripts – yep, that damn same resolution again. However so far I’ve read Phillip E Hardy’s Dracula script and wow, it was pure brilliance. Just viewing the perfect flow between scenes was a reminder to me how the scenes should connect and drive the story forward.
  • guest writers – I’m going to study a book which has made it to film and ask guest writers to shed their perspectives on the story. Particularly those stories which have had an enduring shelf-life. This will also bring us into the areas of remakes and reboots, so should make for interesting discussion.
  • interviews – I will still continue to interview throughout the year, with 43 interviews under my belt, it would be good to add a few more to the collection.
  • research – I will blog more on my own research and thoughts now that I have picked up an old tv pilot that I was working on years ago, with fresh eyes. Really looking forward to where this leads and the adventures it takes me on.

Next month I get to meet an acting legend, so will upload that here on the blog. A very exciting evening is to be had and I can’t wait to share it with you.

2020 wishes to you all,


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