The Mighty Dragon tribute to Terry Jones #python

I’m writing this blog today with a very heavy heart.  The loss of another Python is a great blow to the generation brought up on their anarchic ground-breaking comedy.  

I’ve been contemplating since hearing the news yesterday what my favourite Jones moment was in Python history? Impossible… how could I choose between Brian’s Mum, Mr Creosote, Prince Herbert, or when he was sat naked at the piano?…. I just couldn’t decide. 

Then it came to me. It was from “Every Sperm is Sacred” scene in The Meaning of Life.  Dressed as a Yorkshire housewife, he gave birth to another baby while washing the dishes “Ohh, get that would you Dierdre”

I felt great pride on my first day at the BBC, that it was the place where the Python’s launched their career, something I still feel today.  

Their impact on comedy, not only in Britain but the world can’t be denied. For me, its influence on other comedy writers can be seen specifically with the British alternative comedy that sprang out the 80’s. Would this ever have been possible without the Python’s laying the groundwork? Highly unlikely.

I was very fortunate to see the last night of the Pythons show at the 02, a show which was attended by Stephen Hawking, another person I admire and something I will cherish forever. Little did I think this would be the last time I’d see Terry Jones performing.

I just wanted to end this short piece with a huge thank you to Terry for bringing so much laughter to the world.  My sympathies go to his friends and family at this time and all the other Python fans out there heartbroken.

As a last tribute, The Mighty Dragon will be contributing to Dementia UK.


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