The Dragon lockdown picks #killingeve

I thought I’d have more time to blog during the lockdown, but quite the opposite has happened. A mixture of homeschooling, work and writing a new TV pilot has been responsible, not to mention confinement craziness that swept the nation which has left me in a brain fog.

However, the lockdown has given me time to watch a few series that I have missed for one reason or another when they were initially released and wanted to share my thoughts on what I enjoyed about each of them.

Very late to the game with this one, but Killing Eve has simply been mindblowing. The impossibly brilliant Jodie Comer as the well-dressed assassin, Villanelle, a character which raises the stakes on all female assassins I have seen on screen. Cold blood must pump out of her heart as she cuts down anyone in her way, but momentarily we get glimpses of a softer side, but don’t be fooled, this is often swiftly followed by a killer strike.

The relationship between Villanelle and Eve Polastri (played by Sandra Oh) is explored throughout the series, a love that neither of them can quite understand. Around them their loved ones competing in amongst their obsession, but both women emphatically tied to each other at every level.

Eve Polastri, a security operative, seems to me to have the most character change in the series so far (I am in Season 3 at the moment). She has surprised me with her reactions as we get deeper into her journey, she becomes a ‘Villanelle’ of sorts. I love her awkward relationships with those around her, especially her husband, she is forever playing catch-up to her other roles in life.

From the creative mind of Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the series has many writing and directing credits which I think as given a very rounded perception of these intruguing characters. I can’t wait for next Monday to roll around to watch the next one.

Up next… Gangs of London


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