The Dragon lockdown picks #gangsoflondon

Every week I am checking my watch for this ball-busting, epic series by the multi-talented Gareth Evans and Matt Flannery to come on. Phone(s) switched off, Mia in bed, we sit there in silence, eyes wide at the carnage and destruction these cruel, brilliant characters bring to life.

I am a big fan of Gareth Evan’s work, so is my husband (“Gareth’s Welsh don’t you know”, “yes Gav I know…I know…”). I am not surprised at all at the quality of Gangs of London, after all, The Raid was as impressive as this. Gareth has stood out to me as the defining Director of his generation and I am so glad he has brought his talents back to the UK.

You are dropped into the violence pretty immediately with the scene of a beaten body hanging off a building, swamped in fire as it descends into the dark city below.

You wouldn’t call this series a roller-coaster by any means, its full-throttle all the way through without losing any credibility or pacing. This is action that doesn’t take its foot off the gas and quite rightly so, in the gritty, dirty world of London’s underbelly.

Spectacular, explosive fight scenes which leave you breathless, plot twists which leave you wanting more. Betrayals, backstabbing and intimidation keep you gripped as undercover cop, Elliot, (Sope Dirisu) proves his worth within the gang to seek answers to who killed mob boss Wallace. Hot on the heels of the killer is Wallace’s son, Sean (Joe Cole), a pyscho, who has inherited the empire and won’t stop to push back anyone pushing their boundaries.

We’re born into a certain world, its chosen for us, some might think it’s brutal, I say it’s glorious…

A few good guys emerge from this wretched bubbling pot and there are genuine moments of blood loyalty, but don’t be fooled, it seems there are no limits to this glorious gangster spectacular.

Now when’s it next back on?


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