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I’ve wanted to check out Abigail’s Haunting since I interviewed the lead actress Chelsea Jurkiewicz back in April and last night I go that opportunity. Tapping out my notes for this blog piece as I watched Chelsea’s performance, I was so proud to have her interview as part of my collection here on The Mighty Dragon.

Directed by Kelly Schwarze, this gritty indie horror truly had a style of its own. The marriage of music and tensive scenes was very well executed, in fact, the music really stood out to me throughout this movie. I can’t think of a recent movie which musically has had this impact on me.

What I liked about Chelsea’s character, Katie, is that after fleeing her violent boyfriend, she remains a tough lady throughout and to me it seemed right to introduce her character from that point. A very vunerable character just wouldn’t have been able to stand the terror in the house that ensued. her character was reacting as someone who had already endured an ordeal.

Inside the house we have creepy Marge in the rocking chair, there was a great choking scene of her in this movie. Walter also stood out to me, played by Michael Monteiro. Wish we had seen more of this unusual, intriguing character with an interesting connection to the house.

Michael Monteiro

Stand out scary bits for me are in the bar toilets, this was especially well shot and broken down. It reminded me of a nightmare, where you just can’t scream. The subtle creepy start, running taps and doors banging to the appearance of Abigail (the haunting ghost) were perfect. I also loved the creepy phonecall she got from Gavin, an old school friend’s kid.

If, like me, you are an Indie horror fan, then check it out on prime video! It has a real rawness about it.

Films like this make me not want to venture out of the Disney World bubble when I visit the USA, I just can’t end up in a town like this!

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