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Writer, Director, Producer, which brings you the most creative fulfilment?
Each has its own creative fulfilment, however Directing may be the most spiritually fulfilling given the collaborative nature and daily problem solving. I also enjoy “tricking” the audience with editing.

You’ve travelled extensively, what has this brought to your craft?
My travels were very instrumental in my choice of craft, I love stories and history which is at the heart of film/TV.

Your Vampire film Drakul that you both wrote and directed, how long did the process take from page to screen?
DRAKUL came about fairly quickly, from script to screen the process took about 6months. I also edited the film, which helped to speed up the process.

What do you think audiences expect from a vampire genre series?
I believe audiences look for Vampires that are sensual and dangerous, not glittery.

Can you let us in on why you include a dog in every film, or will this remain a secret-
That’s an Easter egg to myself, the history remains a secret 😉

Is it easier to direct what you have written or what others have?
It’s always easier to direct something I’ve written because I’m closer to the material and understand the nuances that can be missed in outside material.

What has been your favourite filming location, and why?
Washington D.C. My hometown, and as a city goes, one of the more beautiful cities in North America, perhaps the most beautiful (although I’m biased).

What do you look for in a cast?
Courage. Far too many younger actors look to be like the Actor Dujour.

What are your most important considerations before you shoot?
The team is making the same film. The Producers are supportive and fearless. And, it’s all in the planning and making certain when it all goes sideways, (which it will) you have options B, C, D, and E at the ready.

Is there a genre or style that you’d like to write?
A rom-com, or a Monty Python-style comedy.





Michael’s films – the Dragon picks!



The Haunting of Pearson Place

Thanks to Michael for agreeing to this interview, may I wish you all the best for your future projects.

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