Interview #53 Alejandro De Hoyos #elcontratista #clearandpresentdanger

What or who has had the biggest influence on your career?
I always liked movies. When I was a little boy, I would go to the movie theater with my brother and watch a double or triple feature. Watching those movies took me to a quite different place. I became interested in becoming an actor someday. However, I was growing up and the need to generate income became important, so I put that dream away. Over the years I became a businessman instead. At the age of 30, I decided I wanted to give becoming an actor a try and started taking acting classes. It was a great decision. I have booked over 200 commercials, some films, TV series and theater.

What interests you in a role, story or character?
I like to play characters that inspire people who watch the film. I also like projects that change the stereotype of Latinos in the United States. I like stories that speak of the enormous diversity of Latinos.   

From your career so far, what role/project are you especially fond of and why?     
I’m very fond of El Contratista (The Contractor), a movie I produced. In it, I also played the part of Cano, the lead actor. I really enjoyed working with Jojo Henrickson, the director. Jojo wrote the script and he asked me if I wanted to produce the film. I agreed that initially we were going to get another director and another lead actor. However, I wanted Jojo to direct it because I know he’s a really good director. After looking for some actors to play Cano, Jojo suggested that I play the part.  We finally decided that he would direct it and I would be the lead actor. It was a great experience to create that film from beginning to end.  

As audiences have shifted to streaming content, what opportunities does this bring to you as an artist?
It gives me wider choices to create and produce independent projects that will be seen. Doing a theatrical release is awfully expensive.

El Contratista Movie Synopsis: El Contratista is an indie action flick based on a group of young international military fighters representing all parts of Latin America (Colombia, Puerto Rico and parts of Mexico) who join a tough veteran leader (De Hoyos) in a race against time to protect a young boy whose family was murdered. 

Is there a genre that you haven’t worked in yet that you’d like to?
No specific genre. If I like the script and character, that’s all I need.

What are the strengths of Latin American film?
That we, as Latino actors, producers and writers have the knowledge and understanding of how our communities operate. It’s a great opportunity to show the diversity of our cultures.

What do you have coming up next?
I wrote a movie with my son. Right now we’re in the process of tweaking the script with the director. Once we’re finished in a couple of weeks, we’ll start pre-production . The movie is called The Mexican Connection. It’s an action film where the moral of the characters is not based on their nationality. It deals with corruption and integrity on both sides of the border.

Alejandro De Hoyos – bio
Alejandro is an Executive Producer too and plays the lead role in El Contratista ( The Contractor), currently available on Amazon.  He created his production company Alta California Pictures to make El Contratista. Additional feature film roles in Alejandro’s career include the blockbuster Clear and Present Danger.

Highly acclaimed tv roles include soap operas The Bold and The Beautiful and General Hospital. Alejandro currently owns 9 businesses that range from the medical field to his production company. When he was in his 20’s he was manager of the largest private club in Mexico City called The Magic Circus, where he produced heavyweight Kickboxing events and shows with musically renowned international artists including disco sensation Sylvester, José José, Lupita D’Alessio and Alberto Cortez. His most recent commercial (Northwestern Mutual Travel Planning), was shot around in locations across Europe that ranged from historic cities to glaciers and deserts. It premiered during The Rose Bowl to millions of viewers. 

Alejandro is represented by Espada PR @espada_pr


Alejandro De Hoyos – IMDb

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The Contractor (El Contratista) – trailer

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