An update from the Dragon

Its been a while since I have updated here on my own writing projects, plans for The Mighty Dragon and what I have been watching, so thought I would take the opportunity on a quiet-ish Thursday evening to fill you all in.

What have I been watching?
The Sopranos. I am quite ashamed to say I have managed to miss this incredible series for all this time (1999-2007). I read recently that Tony Soprano was one of the greatest characters on screen and I happen to think this statement is correct. He is complex, funny, intimidating, vulnerable and downright scary, this mobster is high up there as one of the best i’ve seen. The dialogue is perfect and punchy for this genre. The first season looks a little dated now, but has not lost any impact in my opinion. I’m going to be busy working on a series of mobster movie interviews here on The Mighty Dragon for later this year/early next. Watch this space.

Whats happening on The Mighty Dragon?
I’ve been busy with the Latin America series over the past few weeks, and have some more exciting content coming up, including a podcast which is being coordinated for a movie release next week. I’d like to thank Espada PR for co-ordinating the interviews and being an absolute delight to work with, a big shout out to Camille and Jasmin for all their help.
If you haven’t seen the interviews please check them out here.

Alejandro de Hoyos
Ada Luz Pla
Cindy Fernandez-Nixon

Writing projects
The Screencraft deadline is looming at the end of September and I am hoping to submit my latest pilot. This story has been in the works for years and now resurrected for the last time. Its been such a rewarding process to breath life into this project again and step inside the characters minds. I’ve managed to churn the pages out in full flow, but as I finalise the draft I will for sure be trimming and editing down to the bare minimum. After all, the best writing is in the edting… or something like that. I wanted to wish my writer friends all the best of luck too for this writing competition. Ohh, I will also be returning to Bertie too after this pilot. I will not stop until that story is done and dusted.

The Mighty Dragon
The blog has taken many twists and turns over the past couple of years. I am immensely proud of the interviews on the blog and I’ll hopefully be leaving 2020 at 200,000 views. They’ll be more podcasts uploaded and more writing competitions to aim for. If nothing ever happens with my scripts, I’ll be content knowing that I made this blog a success. Thanks to everyone who has read it and continues to support me in my madness.

Lastly, I’d like to extend a huge thanks to my family and friends for continued support especially through this challenging year.

The Mighty Dragon

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