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In this hellish year of doom and gloom I am trying to watch as many uplifiting films as possible, finally I got the chance between childcare, work and The Mighty Dragon duties to watch a light-hearted, feel good rom-com. In Other Words.

I recently interviewed the director, Patrick Perez Vidauri and writer, Cristina Nava on a podcast. Accompanying this interview was a blog piece interview with Bryan McClure, who plays the lead True Andrews. So was eager to see this movie for myself. As usual, my film reviews are my opinion.

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I found this movie overall quite thought provoking and relatable in today’s fast-paced age of finding love on speed-dial.

True Andrews was one of those characters who really needed help with the ladies. Awkward, bashful and clumsy he stumbles his way through encounters with beautiful women.

Punchy blokey banter was delivered well with his colleagues, Kiki especially (Joe Nunez) and Benny (Rishi Arya). Their characters more cocksure of themselves, True being the most sensible of the three. The clever tie in with him being part of the company behind a successful dating app worked well, as he became a guinea pig in a world which rocked his foundations.

One of my favourite lines of dialogue come from the start of the movie…

“I take dumps, not bowel movements”


An adventure to Mexico brought more challenges for the three men and of course more so for True as they become ensconsed in the lives of the locals, who were honest, honourable folk. I found Edy Ganem’s performance as Karina very natural – her story was one again many could find relatable, a career woman with dreams, single Mum and a good head on her shoulders holding it all together.

One thing I must mention is the glorious scenery in the movie and the chance to listen to the beautiful, passionate Spanish language as the characters navigated translation issues. The ear pieces were a great addition!

Scenes that stand out to me at the start where the group are pitching their dating app to a group lead by Maximillion Woods (Chris Kattan) who was sat crossed-legged on the desk. In fact all scenes that Kattan were in were terrific. I also enjoyed the elegance that Renee Victor brought to her character, Regina and enjoyed her moving scene with True. The love story between her and her husband was very touching.

At the end of the movie, I really enjoyed the unravelling of True, his ‘true’ self once the nerves had fallen away. I enjoyed Bryan McClures performance as this character, he brought the comedy where needed and the rawness of the emotions when he had to just ‘be himself’.

To sum it up through “In Other Words” we learnt that technology can make someone less invisible in the dating world, however it could never replace the beating heart of true love.

Thanks to Espada PR for the pictures.

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