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What or who has had the biggest influence on your career?
When I first saw Salma Hayek in “Desperado”. I was in my Miami-Dade Community College pursuing my dream. Getting trained to become the first professional actress in my family ever.

I loved watching rom-coms like Pretty Woman and Sleepless in Seattle. The actresses that  inspired me at first were Julia Roberts, Glenn Close and Sandra Bullock, but when I saw Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Lopez shining on the Silver Screen, I felt a surge of confidence that my dream was real and possible! So I worked harder and vowed to never to give up and keep moving forward, always.

Mi Amor was the short that marked Yeniffer’s directorial debut.  She was also in the film and her company True Form Films produced it,

What interests you in a role, story or character?
That it serves a meaningful story. I have been a working actress since 1993 and in 2006. After attending Sundance for the first time, I decided to establish my own production company, TRUE FORM FILMS, to create content with a family /social message. I value the quality of the story versus the size of the role. Being part of a bigger purpose is what matters to me the most in accepting a role. 

From your career so far, what role/project are you especially fond of and why?
I have been blessed with so many opportunities to work with fantastic actors. I must say that one guest role that stands out is “IN PLAIN SIGHT”. I played Reina, an RN that helped illegals with medical services and medicine. Last March 1st, 2020, just 11 days before the quarantine started, the film THE WAY BACK with Ben Affleck premiered. I played SOPHIA, I love this role not because of the size of it, but the significance and how my character served as a catalyst to Ben Affleck’s character.  My favorite role though, is Marianna Erosa when I recurred on the legendary daytime series General Hospital.

As audiences have shifted to streaming content, what opportunities does this bring to you as an artist?
We have the opportunity to create even more content. It’s very exciting! During this quarantine bonus time, my husband Mauricio Mendoza and I have created a live youtube/FB/IG show on mindset and spirituality during COVID BONUS.  It’s called 11:11 Conversations with Yen & Mau. Everyday is a different subject, we read angel cards and mindset books to give our audience an hour of powerful content for them to know that no matter what is happening in the world we get to choose our state of mind and heart! We are currently growing our Youtube channel True Form Films …we invite you to join us every day at 11:11 am PST as we  jump into our imaginary elevator going up to the magical 11th floor connecting us virtually as we create an outstanding life together as a global community. 

Is there a genre that you haven’t worked in yet that you’d like to?
I haven’t worked on a SCI-FI /THRILLER yet .  I would love to be cast  in the next Star Wars, Avatar or Marvel film, as well as work with Jordan Peele’s on his Horror/Thriller projects.

Intolerance No More  (2019) was produced by Yeniffer Behrens, Mauricio Mendoza , DeWayne Cox, Sergio Guerrero (executive), Xavier Grobet (executive) for IndyiEye Productions, is an official selection at the ABFF and it just won the best Avant Garde film award at the I Will Tell Film Festival. Random Media has picked up the film for distribution and it became available on September 16, 2020 on Amazon, iTunes and other digital platforms. 

What are the strengths of Latin American film?
The PASSION & AUTHENTICITY of the culture. I love the music, love of family, real life grit and romance that most Latin American films depict. One of my favorites is “Like Water For Chocolate” and  “Maria Full of GRACE

What do you have coming up next?
We have an Anthology Feature coming up next, its currently in Post-Production. COVID-19 SINS & VIRTUES ANTHOLOGY, one of the creative babies that the Corona Virus has birthed. We are especially proud of this project because it’s a testament of artists continuing to express and serve humanity in the darkest of times. We recruited a team of 14 filmmakers to shoot while in lockdown with only smart phones and any resources they had at home. We (TRUE FORM FILMS) are also developing our next “coming of age” drama/action feature film “CHOICES” based on true events. 

Yennifer Behrens is represented by EspadaPR

True Form FilmsCovid19… Sins & Virtues

Yeniffer, along with True Form Films Partner & husband Mauricio Mendoza were producers of the anthology feature film Covid19- Sins and Virtues. 

The 14 episodes  feature film Anthology titled Covid19… Sins & Virtues is the brainchild of entertainment executive Alex Mendoza. It is being produced by Mendoza and True Form Films: Yeniffer Behrens (The Way Back, Grey’s Anatomy) and Mauricio Mendoza (Resurrection Blvd, Criminal Minds). Each episode is original. Filmmakers had the freedom to choose genre, story, style and runtime. The requisites: 1) It must have been filmed with assets at hand 2) The story must use COVID-19 forced isolation only as background 3) The episode must relate to the randomly assigned sin/virtue as the episode’s central theme.

With 50 + filmmakers involved, the team behind Covid19… Sins & Virtues is a cross section of genders, races, nationalities, origins, film professions and experiences, all sharing a goal. From seasoned directors and producers to on-camera stars, all agreed to test the usual production stages required to produce a film. The Anthology resulted in an eclectic collection of psychological studies of human behavior under extreme circumstances, told with an equally eclectic collection of styles and approaches. The sequel Covid19 Sins and Virtues: The Second Wave is already in production. 


Yennifer Behrens – IMDb
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Press releaseCovid19… Sins & Virtues

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