What have I been up to?

October was such a busy month for me with the Halloween posts, interviews and podcasts. I learnt SO MUCH about the horror genre, kuds goes to the master of horror Arne Venema and his iimmense knowledge. As much as I loved putting that whole series together I felt quite frazzled afterwards that I wanted November to be a little more chilled, little did I know I would be more chilled than normal with two weeks of self-isolation to boot.

In the background I have been continuing to re-write my latest TV pilot after feedback from two of my trusted writer friends. Its so important to get constructive feedback from people you know and respect. Too many times I see new writers post loglines or their work into screenwriting groups and get ripped apart that they may just walk away from their dreams because of some bullies who think they’re amusing. I would recommend all new writers to stay away from these groups, or join ones who have managed to troll free.

This current story I am working on has been bubbling away in the background for years and it also, quite excitingly, can tie in with my Bertie universe too. Talking of which I have been experimenting with creating some animation which I plan to upload some scenes of the Bertie story. Using Krita has been a case of trial and error but its been good to try something new. The Bertie story I would love to see wholly animated at some point… watch this space.

One moment this year which truly lifted my spirits was to get an IMDb listing for The Homework’s Revenge – Esther in Wonderland. Listen out for Woodland Animal #1 – definitely a posh phone voice moment! The film is currently in post-production so I’ll link it on here when its completed. Big thanks to Nicole Russin-McFarland for the opportunity.

We are very nearly finished The Sopranos and I have been totally absorbed in Sherlock too. Not sure what my next series is going to be, any recommendatons please get in touch.

Lastly a BIG THANKS for all the support this year on The Mighty Dragon, I am just over 191k views – very grateful for each and every one!

I’ll be back next month to look at Christmas films and a final post to see the year out. For many of us this year has brought so much pain, but, we also have so much to be thankful for too.

Vikki x

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