Podcast with Kelton Jones #filmmaker

This interview I will call my “amazing” interview as I must’ve said that word about 200 times during the podcast. But truly, this podcast was AMAZING.

The multi-talented Kelton Jones transitions seamlessly between acting, directing, producing, screenwriting, and cinematography – but thats not all as you listen to this podcast.

Starting in Texas, Kelton’s career path excelled in many areas of filmmaking. He has worked with Chuck Norris, Mel Gibson (The Passion of Christ), Robert Zemeckis, Ice-T and Foo fighters to name only but a few!

Kelton talks about all these experiences (listen out for the GOD truck in Passion of Christ), plus his own directing work from his short films to his feature, Dry Blood, in 2019. He was lead role of Michael Ryan in The Evil Down the Street, we discuss what attracted him to this character.

Dry Blood

Check out Kelton’s movie he directed, produced and acted in, Dry Blood – he won Best Picture at the Bram Stoker Festival in Whitby, UK (and everywhere else it seems).


IMDB – Kelton Jones

Dry Blood – vinyl soundtrack

Kelton shot and co-directed with Dave Grohl
Ice-T Ice-T documentary 
Iceberg Slim Portrait of a Pimp
Leslie Zemeckis documentary 
Mable Mable Tiger Trainer 
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