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Well, what a hell of a year that was!

Wherever you are in the world you won’t be untouched in some way as to the catastrophe that wrecked havoc on us all this year. Whether you have lost someone, your health, your job, your sense of pride or wellbeing – my heart goes out to you.

When this year has caused so much devastion we are left wondering what do we have left?

I tell you what, if you can find gratitude for everyday things in life, then you are winning already. 2020 has not beaten you.

For me, gratitude is:

The highlight before the descent into madness for me was my Michael Palin encounter with my bestie… what a night that was! As a python fan you can imagine how over the moon I was…

The Mighty Dragon blog itself finishes the year past 198,000 views. WOW! When I started out writing this journal I didn’t realise the fascinating places it would take me and the people it would bring into my life for that I am truly grateful. I’ve enjoyed podcasting too, something I didn’t think I would partcularly, but feel at ease and hope to keep on improving in this area.

The interviews this year have opened my eyes to the magic of Indie films, Latin American films and the trailblazing filmmakers who inspire me beyong belief. The passion and creativity that powers these folk will never be dampened by pandemics or anything else thrown at them. Inspiration right there.

Another highlight was getting positive and constructive feedback on my latest tv pilot from Phillip E. Hardy and David Silverman – thank you to you both and all the best for 2021. I will push this script next year and see what happens, keep dreaming, keep believing. In any case, an animated Bertie will emerge out of 2021 and, well, let’s see….

Finally I was rather chuffed at my IMDb credit and venturing into voice acting, drawing on my acting background (which I haven’t done in years) but was a total BLAST!

I end the year launching a new podcast series with my friend Allie, (AV Turner) where we discuss a movie, its characters and how we can relate to the movie in the world around us now. Watch out for our first release on Christmas Eve “Movie chat with AV Turner and TM Dragon” where we discuss “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

Personal gratitudes to:

  • For my Mum, for being the toughest woman in the world and for my brother for being there by our side.
  • Being able to attend my Dads service on the eve where they closed attendance at funerals during the first lockdown.
  • All those who lit a candle for my Dad, the world over, from the USA, Australia and to Hong Kong, I won’t forget your kindness. Billie, Mike, Virginia…
  • For the three A’s, Allie, Anna and Audrey, they seem to hold me together although we are miles apart.
  • For Sarah and Si, Mias godparents and good friends, they continue to support the madness in this house.
  • For new friends and old, thank you for being there and reaching out this year, Ness, Shiv, Vic, Catherine, Joanna, Edna Mae and so many more I need to mention…
  • My colleagues at work who supported me through hell, what a great team we have….
  • For Gav and Mia, for everything x

Sorry if I have missed anyone. Happy Christmas all, and all the very best for 2021 xx


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