Talking Nostalgia with Mike Leeder, Arne Venema and Michael Chan – PART ONE #Stranger Things #CobraKai #TheMandalorian.

I do not believe I have laughed so much during a podcast!

In this episode we look at the ups and downs of NOSTALGIA in current TV – this covers Stranger Things, Cobra Kai and The Mandalorian. We discuss how Star Wars regained its fanbase with The Mandalorian,  if Cobra Kai would stand up without its Karate Kid association and how many series of Stranger Things were too many…. As always, opinions are our own.

Part One features Mike Leeder and Arne Venema. Michael joins us for Part 2.

Big thanks to Mike Leeder, Arne Venema and Michael Chan for sharing their thoughts and expertise on Nostalgia TV. Until next time!

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