Podcast with Danny Simmons #director #sufferforgood

How do audiences connect with sports films?

I recently caught up with director Danny Simmons about his inspiring sports documentary Suffer for Good.

We discuss how the whole project came together and how Danny’s own journey shooting the documentary embodied the spirit of Seb’s own drive and determination.

Apologies for the scratchy audio at times on this ZOOM call, bandwidth challenges in lockdown!

Ethiopian boxer Seb Zewdie’s Olympic dreams were knocked out when the Soviet Union and their allies boycotted the ’84 Los Angeles Olympics. 33 years later we find Seb in LA, a pro UFC and boxing coach still haunted by that tough punch. Will Seb settle for living his dreams through his undefeated prized pupil? Or will he beat the odds and get back in the ring, ready to claim victory for himself?



Suffer for Good is now available on VOD, DVD and Digital

Facebook: @sufferforgood
Twitter: @sufferforgood
Website: https://www.sufferforgood.com

Danny Simmons and Broken Dove are represented by Espada PR

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