The Mighty Dragon meets Miguel A. Lopez

The Mandalorian Special continues…

I had the pleasure this week of catching up with The Mandalorian actor Miguel A. Lopez to discuss his role as a Tusken Raider on The Mandalorian series (Disney+). As a matter of fact, Tusken Raiders are my second favourite being from Tattooine, Undoubtedly menacing, they first appeared in A New Hope where they encounter a young Luke Skywalker.

Miguel shares with me his behind-the-scenes memories of being part of the Star Wars Universe as one of the Galaxy’s sinister Tusken Raiders. Particularly interesting to note that Miguel was one of the first to learn on set The Child’s, Baby Yoda’s… wait…Grogu’s name. You can hear his passion for Star Wars as he recalls his experiences. In fact, as a lifelong Star Wars fan himself Miguel’s favourite Start Wars character is…. well, you’ll just have to tune-in to get that titbit 😉

Agent’s of S.H.I.E.LD.

Furthermore, Miguel also speaks about his time working on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D too and what inspired him to become an actor. Lastly, he also teaches me some Spanish (apologies to all Spanish speakers for my pronunciation) and tells me what opportunities being a bilingual speaker has brought to his career.

This is the second interview for The Mighty Dragon in its special The Mandalorian series. Tune in for more interviews from this epic, fan favourite series made for all Star Wars fans.

Tune in below…

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