The Mighty Dragon meets Bernard Bullen

The Mandalorian Special continues…

My journey on The Mighty Dragon has lead me to meet some truly special and gifted folk, Bernard Bullen is most definitely one of them.

I’m so honoured to have this fine actor here as part of The Mandalorian interview collection on The Mighty Dragon.

We know Bernard as Din Djarin’s father in The Mandalorian. His introduction in the Star Wars Universe being an explosive scene where the young Din is hidden by his parents. Certainly, it remains one of the most memorable scenes in Season 1 for me.

This role, Bernard tell us, is his favourite of all his roles and recalls some fun behind-the-scenes memories of his time on Season One.

A fun point to note, Bernard is fluent in many languages (even Scouse ;), which has opened doors for him the world over. Giving him a truly rich and varied experience across many genres. His full list of acting credits can be found here.

Furthermore, we talk about how he landed the role, his favourite Star Wars character (I guess right!) and how he left one career path to pursue acting.

Will Bernard be back in The Mandalorian? Tune in…

Follow Bernard on:
Instagram – @BBullen

Bernard Bullen – Website

Summing up, I have no doubts that Bernard will be gracing that cape again for another trip into the galaxy, or certainly deserves to be. As the world opens up again this year, this actor will be soaring high.

Gracias Señor Bullen, deseándoles lo mejor para 2021.

Bernard is represented by MARK JERMIN MANAGEMENT 

This is the third interview for The Mighty Dragon in its special The Mandalorian series. Tune in for more interviews from this epic, fan favourite series made for all Star Wars fans.

Tune in below…

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