The Mighty Dragon meets Tait Fletcher

The Mandalorian Special continues…

When I interviewed Tait Fletcher I felt like I’d known him for years, that’s probably because he’s been in everything I have seen!

From Breaking Bad to The Mandalorian, Jumanji and John Wick to name just a few. Tait has been in some of the most memorable films and TV series in recent years.

We know Tait as Alpha Trawler and Paz Visla in The Mandalorian. He shares with me how he prepared for these characters, his experience with George Lucas’s linguist and some behind-the-scenes memories with Carl Weathers.

His favourite Star Wars character surprised me at the time, but now reflecting back on our conversation can see how that all fits in.

Breaking Bad

Of course, Tait joined me to talk about The Mandalorian, but we touched upon his time as Lester in Breaking Bad too. Also how he broke into the industry from his MMA fighting days. Tait’s journey doesn’t end anywhere as we find out, he is constantly progressing.

The Mandalorian goes from strength to strength and so does Tait. He is a truly introspective, inspiring actor. His phrase “Never let your memories become bigger than your dreams” struck a chord with me.

In conclusion, there is no way this actor is resting on his laurels any time soon. I am honoured to have him here as part of The Mandalorian interview collection.

Thanks to Tait Fletcher and the folks at KMR Talent for this opportunity.

This is the fourth interview for The Mighty Dragon in its special The Mandalorian series. Tune in for more interviews from this epic, fan favourite series made for all Star Wars fans.

Prefer to listen than watch? Tune in below…

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