Mindhunter Special: Cotter Smith

Welcome to the first part of my Mindhunter Special. Join me in this new series where I interview cast members about Mindhunter, but also their backgrounds and prep for their characters.

From Washington to Pittsburgh

First up is Cotter Smith, he played one of my favourite characters, Unit Chief Shepard, in Seasons 1 and 2. It was interesting to hear how Cotter’s acting career started in theatre in Washington. He talks to me about his journey of moving to New York to pursue his dream before moving onto screen.

Cotter Smith

We also discuss his favourite roles throughout his career, which include X-Men and You Don’t Know Jack, where he played opposite Al Pacino, an unforgettable experience he states.

We of course talk about his time on the Mindhunter series. How he prepared as Unit Chief Shepard and what it was like to work with David Fincher and his special behind-the-scenes memories from this phenomenal series.

Tune In… Cotter Smith, Mindhunter

Cotter Smith – IMDb
Blood Feud – Cotter mentions his role as Robert Kennedy.
Mindhunter WIKI

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