Mindhunter Special: Darrin Giossi

Actor Darrin Giossi appeared in Season 2 of Mindhunter as a recruit. Looking back at Darrin’s career you can see an interesting blend of characters. His last film, News of the World, saw him act alongside Tom Hanks, which it seems to have made a lasting impression on him . We spoke about these experiences, Mindhunter prep and more.

Spiderman to Soldier

When did you know you wanted to be an actor?
I realized it when I was a kid and I noticed how I thought about movies differently.  I would always think about a movie after watching it for hours or days to imagine myself as one of the actors playing that role of a character I would like to portray. I mean that, like I wouldn’t daydream about being Spiderman if I were a kid now, I would day dream about being Tom Holland being Spiderman.  I would think what does he do all day when not being Spiderman… stuff like that. So my imagination as a kid just drove me to it. 

Some of your earlier work includes playing Freddie Krueger, what was this experience like?
Freddie was a lot of fun to play.  I enjoyed the idea of this film taking place entirely before he became the Freddie we all know.  Or at least knew, it’s been a while sadly.  Overall though it was fun. 

In terms of acting, what interests you in a character to want to portray them?
Every role is different so is every story and hopefully you can find that while reading the material each time. 

Mindhunter, a huge success and rumours indicate another season in the works. In your opinion, what exactly was it about this series that makes it unique.
Mindhunter is a show about psychology.  One of the most mysterious questions there is.  Why do people do the things they do.   Especially when it comes to serial killers and the beginning of a real division in the FBI.  Plus with David Fincher at the helm that is just good television.

You were a recruit in Mindhunter S2, how much prep and research did you undertake to play this character. Honestly? None.  But,  it was my first legit gig, I know all the more reason to do the work,  I was focused on getting back to America and learning my lines more than anything. Because when I learned I booked the role I was in Ireland.  So after checking shooting dates and confirming everything maybe a week later I was back in the States in Georgia on the 4th of September,  I had my fitting in Pennsylvania scheduled for the 6th, filming started the 10th, it still feels like one long blurry day. 

Are there any special behind-the-scenes memories from the Mindhunter set you can share?
I remember the last night on set as things were winding down with the last setups for the night. And the cast we were all in a tent and just talking about this and that, and one of the leads started talking about Hollywood parties and their nightlife.  I found myself sitting back soaking it in, and thinking how I have so far only completed 20 hrs of my 10,000 needed.  And I was happy with that. 

Murderous Affairs, Jaber… what’s been your favourite role from your career so far, and why?
Now it would be my most recent role,  because working with Tom Hanks is a once in a career job.  Not necessarily but ya know closer enough, it’s Tom Hanks!  Before though it would have been the proof of concept trailer I did in LA. We were running around an empty building and courtyard with airsoft weaponry and vests with no time restrictions. 2 to 3 pages of dialog per character turned into a silent narrated trailer, we had the best time. 

Your role in News of the World sees you work alongside Tom Hanks.  What was this experience like? 
Amazing that whole crew was fantastic.  I was fortunate enough to sit and talk with Mr. Hanks for a while during the setup for scenes and we talked about our experiences here in New Mexico, different films he had been working on here, my time in Los Angeles vs New Mexico. It was fun to learn that he agreed with my moves I had been making.  From Los Angeles to Georgia to New Mexico all in the pursuit of acting.   And chatting with the Director Paul Greengrass was inspiring even though he said the same thing to me he has probably said a thousand times to other actors, yet it was still PAUL GREENGRASS and I am on set of his movie. So he could have said your shoes untied and I would have been blown away.  I love being new at this.  

Can you tell us what he said to you? 
Yeah, he just said that he liked my audition tape.  Like I said, he said it a thousand times, but each time I bet the actors took it like I did. 

What do you have coming up?
That is the question of the day.  I’m happy to say I don’t know.  But I’m ready for it.  Like most creative people I got stuff on the back burner, I’m editing a script I finished writing earlier this year if I want to venture down that road at some point.  

Big thanks to Darrin Giossi for this opportunity.


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