The Mighty Dragon meets: Alex Mendoza

In the midst of a locked-down Hollywood, over fifty filmmakers rose to a new artistic challenge. Now, the film they made will support others in the industry. 

Espada PR
Covid 19: Sins and Vrtues

I had to grab producer Alex Mendoza for a podcast about his latest project, Covid 19: Sins & Virtues. A unique project designed to empower filmmakers at a time of struggle.

After all, the loss of loved ones, jobs, mental health issues and stability have been far-reaching. Covid 19 has left its ugly footprint all over the world.

Covid 19: Sins & Virtues

I was particularly drawn to the fact that it was always his dream of Alex’s to become a Hollywood producer. Something he thought would never come to fruition.

As with all dreams, they can lie dormant until a spark reminds us of a path we once wished to follow.

Alex’s daughter reminded him of his passion at at time he was at a loss how he could help his filmmaker friends in a time of struggle. Subsequently along came, COVID 19: Sins & Virtues.

Covid 19: Sins & Virtues – concept

Alex discusses the lightning speed this project got off the ground. Filmmakers armed with their smartphones and imaginations documented this unique time in history. In essence, they captured “all the good, all the bad and all to the extreme”.

Co-producer, Yennifer Behrens, is a past The Mighty Dragon interviewee. I have tagged her interview below.

The Actor’s Fund

COVID19…Sins and Virtues premiered on March 20, 2021, one year to the day from the first California lockdowns in 2020.

50 filmmakers, 17 locations, 1 set purpose

Buy here: ($4.99/$5.99 USD/From £3.64)

Covid 19 Sins & Virtues: VOD & Trailer

Thank you to Alex and my friends at Espada PR for this opportunity.

Press release

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