What’s up?!

Fade In

What’s up?! It’s been quite some time since I’ve updated on here. Tech issues forced me into a summer hiatus which has ultimately made me think about what I want to do with The Mighty Dragon and exactly what to share on here. For now, the Dragon is resting, it’s on a break…not sure for how long exactly. That depends on the below….

Quite honestly the private part of me wants to shutdown from sharing so much on social media.

Which is no bad thing really as I need to get serious, get focussed, be the best writer I possibly can. After all, I have a tv pilot to finish, and after a mammoth outlining phase, my love story to Hong Kong to nail. Some of the subject material is brutal for this one, and I’m emotionally very charged about it already. It’s time to pull my sleeves up. This script is personal, my old home and Hong Kong itself a love story for me that’s never burnt out.

Time doesn’t wait for anyone so they say, so here I go…. Back to a spell of writing. Wish me luck.

The Mighty Dragon 🐉 will soar again.

Fade out (for now…)

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