The Mighty Dragon

Well hello there…

As the heat of the summer disappears into hazy autumn days, I’ve decided now is the time to wake up the Dragon.

For the rest of the year, I plan to catch up with some of my early interviewees. Find out what are they doing now with their projects, or did they decide to go down a different path. If I come tapping at your door please let me in!

I’ll also be reaching out for new interviews, especially when I have watched something that has captured my interest. My Instagram page normally displays what I am watching. As you can see from my Mandalorian and Mindhunter collections, I’m retaining a wide range of interviewees from both sides of the camera.

However, I am not quite sure how this content will be displayed here.

Since last October I have transitioned from written format interviews to podcasts. However, as a writer, this doesn’t sit well with me, I prefer to tap away at the keyboard than to talk into the laptop. So, I plan to go back to some written interview content, which I know some interviewees prefer.

Personally, I’m in a very happy place s I more time to write. I’m so heavily invested in my scripts, I can easily write for three hours at a time with it feeling like five minutes, although my shoulders and back tell me something different.

Whatever happens with these scripts, I am so proud of how much I have achieved and evolved with learning the craft. With every script I am learning something new.


As this blog was named after a Dragon, I have a rather fabulous photo of him here.


For all those who celebrate the mid-Autumn festival may I wish you all the best. I will be ordering mooncakes so my daughter can try them herself. We also plan to float a lantern on a stream. Or she plans to float me down a stream, I don’t know, either is possible 🙂

When you look at the full moon on 21 September, what will you wish for?

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