The Mighty Dragon podcast with Joe Fiorello

In the very early days of The Mighty Dragon I interviewed filmmaker Joe Fiorello. At the time Joe was living and working in Hong Kong as a filmmaker and music producer. Life has changed for Joe in the past few years, relocating back to NYC with his family.

Joe talks to me about what he misses about Hong Kong and what his nine years there taught him as a filmmaker and music producer. We discuss the Chinese film industry and where this leaves Hong Kong filmmakers.

As part of Crazy from Kong, Joe discusses how this channel has evolved into a pop & underground culture channel. Please check it out guys – it’s great. Links below.

Finally, we get some of the legendary Fiorello stories from his time in Hong Kong.

Big thanks to Joe for his time.

Check out the original interview here.

What’s he up to now?

Joe Fiorello on The Mighty Dragon

Where to find Joe…

Joe Fiorello – IMDb

Fiorello Films – Joe’s film & music production.

Instagram – you never quite know what you’ll see on this Instagram account, but it’s bloody good.

Crazy From Kong – pop & underground culture

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