No Mr Bond, I expect you to die.

These words uttered by Goldfinger in response to Sean Connery’s Bond, couldn’t be more real after the ending of the latest Bond film.

!SPOILER ALERT! do not read further if you want to see the new Bond film, No Time To Die, I discuss my thoughts here on certain aspects of the film.

We saw No Time To Die last Sunday, at a cinema, a packed cinema nonetheless. It was a great feeling to be back watching Bond on the big screen.

I didn’t realise what a Bond fan I was, until the end of this film. Over the years I have enjoyed Bond films, Roger Moore’s comedic touch to the role, Sean Connery’s polished performance and, best for me, Daniel Craig’s interpretation of the agent. To me, he is the ultimate Bond.

Skyfall, my favourite of his films, is topped only by this, and WOW, what a way to exit the character that he has played for 15 years. I can’t remember a film that made me feel traumatised, but, as it appeared I wasn’t the only one.

I had managed to avoid anything about this film before we went to the cinema, an achievement in itself! Also, a huge achievement was that the storyline remained secret until its release, that was 18 months after the original release date. Even Bond had to sidestep Covid-19.

Blows in the guts

I knew this would be Daniel Craig’s last appearance as Bond, but not a clue about the shocking end. That was a total surprise. However, there were certain events which I felt, as I watching, didn’t bode well for Bond.

  • Laters Felix: the lovable CIA buddy, who had always appeared by Bond’s side when he needed him most. This was like a kick in the guts to me, if they could lose Felix, a character associated with Bond since 1953 (Casino Royale), then are they really pressing the delete button on Bond’s past, and possibly Bond too.
  • MI6 Team: as the lady 007, Nomi, had taken his place, and his number. We learn here that any agent can be awarded 007 status. Another clue his cards were marked.
  • Ultimate love: she is a normal lady, not a bimbo, someone to settle down with. Plus he also has fathered a child. The ultimate bachelor has settled down, now is the time to pull the rug out.
  • Louis Armstrong: the casual reference Bond makes at the start – “We have all the time in the world” – harping back to an old Bond theme, but perhaps predicting too that they don’t have much time left.
  • Nostalgia hit: the old portraits of M’s hanging on the wall back at HQ. When you see the row of faces, you see how much Bond has been part of our cinematic viewing for such a long time. A true nostalgia hit to smash those heartstrings.

Baddies – Blofeld’s Lectoresque and Malek’s unispiring Safin

In terms of Bad Guys, I felt quite let down by Rami Malek’s ‘Safin’, this character to me wasn’t up there in the list of great Bond baddies. I felt it would’ve been a good idea to have Blofeld escape Belmarsh somehow and start causing havoc.

Talking of Blofeld, his appearance in the Lectoresque-type contraption was superb, that’s how a bad guy should enter. Belmarsh certainly has upgraded its facilities somewhat!

I really enjoyed the storyline about the DNA manipulation, I thought that was really quite clever. This whole film itself felt far superior to its predecessor Spectre in all ways.

The team around Bond at MI6 I have mixed feelings about. I like the fact that they have strong women in the team, Nomi, Miss Moneypenny (and Judi Dench’s previous M). I also really liked the fact that Q is gay. Kudos to the writers for updating this franchise on inclusion. My mixed feelings are where they are going to take this team, a tv series of their own, without Bond? But surely, he is the glue that holds them all together.

Which brings me back to the final blow in the film

Lastly on the island, where Bond was trapped, unable to reunite with Madeline and daughter Mathilde for reasons you will see in the film, he looked to the sky and was blown to pieces by bombs unloaded by MI6.

Cinema vibe

At that point the whole cinema audience fell flat, as we left our seats you could see the disappointment on peoples faces. Bond is dead.

Wait… James Bond will return?

We saw it after the credits. But how?

  1. My friend suggested that James Bond itself is a false name given to agents when they take on the 007 duties.
  2. Above friend also suggested that they will start re-filming the old classics with a new actor playing Bond.
  3. I thought they may look into Bond’s history pre-MI6.
  4. A female Bond (sorry I don’t like it, there I said it).
  5. Remaining MI6 team being taken to a TV series, where we follow the missions of Nomi and other agents.
  6. James Bond didn’t really die on the island? How could this be possible? It’s been confirmed that his character has died.

Whatever they decide, a monster US90 million already at the box office is not to be sniffed at. The audience didn’t attend for the MI6 team, they came for Bond. A fictional British hero, adored by millions, not just the Brits. An enduring franchise and let’s face it a huge MONEY EARNER.

Best Bond EVER

If they kill off Bond, James Bond, entirely, then this will be a huge mistake.

PS – don’t think I missed HMS Dragon in the film 😉 thanks for the shout out!

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