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The multi-talented Renee Lim

For anyone who follows The Mighty Dragon Instagram account you will see that I recently watched Clickbait on Netflix.

When family man, Nick Brewer, is abducted in a crime with a sinister online twist, those closest to him race to uncover who is behind it and why.


Shot in Australia, this series has a very modern feel, utilizing the power of social media within the story and on screen. I was delighted that actress Renee Lim, who played Alice in Clickbait, agreed to join me on the podcast.

As you will hear, Renee has many strings to her bow, her drive and motivation are very inspiring to all. Looking through her impressive blog, Nay in the Life, I think this really underlies her work ethic, no matter what character she is portraying. The ability to look at a subject at many different perspectives is an attribute for any creative.

We spoke too about the multi-award winning Please Like Me where she plays Mae.

Twenty something Josh is going through a number of big changes as he navigates his first decade of adulthood. After being dumped by his girlfriend, he comes to the realization that he is gay.


I think this series is typical of the way that Australian productions expertly portray sensitive subjects. Listen to Renee discuss what is was like to be part of it.

Questions posed

  1. I have just enjoyed the series Clickbait on Netflix where you play the role of Alice. What attracted you to this character?.
  2. How did you get into acting?
  3. Your IMDb describes you as an actress, dancer, presenter and medical doctor.  Is it possible to choose one as your real passion?
  4. What has been your favourite character to date, and why?
  5. You were Mae in the highly acclaimed Please Like Me, what was it like being part of this series?
  6. As an Australian actress, where do you feel the strength is in Australian tv & film?
  7. Can you tell me more about Nay in the Life?
  8. What projects do you have coming up?

Huge thanks to Renee for this opportunity and to Kelly for co-ordinating us through various time zones and daylight savings


Where to find Renee

Other links

Nay in the Life – Renee’s blog
Wikipedia – Renee Lim
Please Like Me – award winning series about a man who discovers his true sexual identity.
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The Unusual Suspects TV series  – First look: The Unusual Suspects to air June 3 at 8:30pm on SBS
The Fires TV series  – TV Review: ‘Fires’ reignites the humanity behind the devastating Black Summer bushfires

Upcoming projects

Lost Flowers of Alice Hart TV seriesSigourney Weaver’s ‘The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart’ Starts Filming in Australia for Amazon (EXCLUSIVE)
The Tourist TV series‘The Tourist’: First Look At Jamie Dornan Thriller Series Set At BBC & HBO Max; Hugo Weaving Exits Cast
PM’s Daughter  TV SeriesNew talent fronts cast of Fremantle/ABC’s ‘The PM’s Daughter’ – IF Magazine
Dark Noise FilmBen Allan and Clara Chong jump hurdles to wrap ‘Dark Noise’ – IF Magazine


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