A quick chat with… Stephen McHattie

Recently I posed some questions to actor Stephen McHattie.

I decided to reach out to this actor after watching the riveting ‘Tokyo Trial‘ where he played Edward Stuart McDougall, the Canadian politician, and judge. This prominent politician represented Canada as a judge on the International Military Tribunal for the Far East in Tokyo. You can read about his life here.

Tokyo Trial

A historical drama that focuses on a decade-long investigation into events in the Pacific during and after WWII.


Questions posed

Tokyo Trial: 

  1. From your experience as James Dean (James Dean 1976) through to Edward Stuart McDougall (Tokyo Trial 2017), would you say you prefer portraying real life characters? No.
  2. In Tokyo Trial, how much research did you do on your character?  As much as I needed.
  3. Was there anything surprising that you learnt about Edward Stuart McDougall? How at that level, small gradations of political insight, when voiced, seemed like earthquakes.
  4. What was most important to you about portraying this character. Showing how straightjacketed he was.
  5. Were you able to leave the character after filming for day, seeing the highly sensitive and emotional story you were part of retelling. Pretty much.


  1. I was quite excited to see you were in one of my favourite shows, The Equalizer, are there any special memories on set you’d like to share?  Edward Woodward was a very congenial, fantastic guy to work with.
  2. What’s been your favourite character to play so far in your career, and why? Grant Mazzy in Pontypool because I had the great pleasure of working with my beautiful wife Lisa Houle who is also typing this for me.
  3. Where is the strength in Canadian film? The strength in Canadian film depends entirely on whether or not Lisa Houle is in the project. (she’s still typing this)
  4. Finally, what do you have coming up? A movie called Fixation. 


Stephen McHattie – IMDB
Lisa Houle IMDb – actress (and typist!)

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