It’s that time of year…

I‘m writing this post on Thanksgiving, not that it means anything to me as such being British. But it’s a stark reminder that Christmas is around the corner and the year is nearly done with. 2021 gone.

Writing-wise I have achieved quite a bit this year, hence being a little quiet on here. My Hong Kong tv pilot is going very well. Instead of bolting through it like I normally do, I am taking my time. Acts 1 & 2 are written in draft, however, I keep re-visiting them for tweaks and enhancements. Taking my time does not come naturally to me, but this chaotic style seems to be working for me. This Film Courage video on ‘Theme Comes Last‘ was a timely reminder to me that all writers have different methods and styles of working. If you are not bound to deadlines then its not a bad idea to see what works for you.

Talking of achievements, the hugely talented Nicole Russin-McFarland has released The Homework’s Revenge: Esther in Wonderland. Yours truly has voiced a woodland creature, I appear at 09:28 “Nice to see you again. And you’ve brought a friend”. Thanks to you Nic for trusting me to deliver this line. It’s also given me the confidence to join a UK voice actors agency, be interesting to see what unfolds there too. You can find the film here, trailer below.

The Mighty Dragon Christmas showreel, I’ll be gathering past interviewees video clips for a best of Christmas compilation which I’m looking to release on Dec 17. Clips have been arriving in my inbox already, I really enjoy these types of projects. You may remember I previously ran one for Halloween way back, which you can find here. As for my YouTube channel, I’ve moved over all my content to YouTube from VIMEO (which I truly regret) so its like starting new again. Unfortunately the view counts didn’t transfer but my plans for 2022 are to boost this channel significantly.

Life has been incredibly busy as of late, but I have taken steps into animating Bertie already. If I can get this out by Easter then I will be very happy! Of course, you’ll be the first to see it.

Any John Lone fans here may be interested in my <a href="http://&lt;!– wp:paragraph –> <p>Any John Lone fans here may be interested in my </p> John Lone In the Press page – a step back in time to some press reviews for The Last Emperor, Year of the Dragon, Dance and the Railroad and much more.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.

The Mighty Dragon 🐉 back in business

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