The Mighty Dragon podcast with Carla Roda

Carla Roda

On the podcast today, award winning film editor and director, Carla Roda.

In a male-dominated area of the industry Carla Roda has truly made her mark on Hollywood.   She is the first Spanish woman to edit projects for HBO. Her editing work for Fox Searchlight/ Fox Digital Studios’ docu-series Phenoms was an official selection and winner at Tribeca Film festival.

The documentary Our Quinceañera was Winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary at The Bentonville Film Festival and Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Panamanian International Film Festival in Los Angeles and Vote Neil Was an official selection at Tribeca Film Festival 2020, Official Selection in Documentary Shorts and was also licensed by NBC News and Meet The Press.

Carla is working on a new film, Let Go , which she wrote and will direct.  

Let Go takes the love and sacrifice themes of Me Before You by Thea Sharrock and the recovery of trauma and identifies themes of The Rider by Chloé Zhao.

Questions posed

1) From Spain to Hollywood, tell us about your journey to become an award-winning film editor? 

2) Is film editing an “Invisible art”

3) Are women under-represented in this side of the industry? 

4) Your family describes you as a fighter from day one, would you agree?

5) Whats has been your favourite project so far and why?

6) What do you think are the strengths of the Spanish film industry?

7) I have read with interest some of the charities you support. Could you tell me more about those, and will we see some projects based on those charities in the future?

8) What do you have planned project-wise for the near future?

9) Finally, what would be your advice to anyone wanting to explore film editing.

Huge thanks to Carla for this opportunity and to Espada PR for co-ordinating.

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Where to find Carla


Care Rescue LA fostering dogs in transition to adoption

Suffering the Silence, a non-profit dedicated to sharing the stories of those living with illness

Trust Me, I’m Sick, a2021 WEBBY Award Honoree, which was released on the YouTube Channel @SoulPancake to over 3.5M

Trust me, I’m Sick

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