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Flicking through the huge amount of festive films on Netflix the other night, I wondered which one I could call my favourite, my absolute “gun at head” favourite. After all, Christmas films are such an integral part of the festive season, can you imagine if we didn’t have a fave?

Is your favourite a tear-jerker, a rom-com, a classic or something entirely different. Something that stirred memories from childhood, possibly?

While I pondered this myself, I decided to throw the question open to some of my previous interviewees. Their recommendations may inspire you to put on something that you may not seen before.

The Mighty Dragon’s BEST OF CHRISTMAS

What’s your favourite? Step inside…

HUGE THANKS to the contributors:

  • Andrew Froening
  • Phillip E. Hardy
  • David Silverman
  • Bryan McClure
  • Bernard Bullen
  • Kelly Schwarze
  • AV Turner
  • Nicole Russin-McFarland
  • Mike Leeder
  • Arne Venema
  • Alejandro De Hoyos
  • Lee Anthony Smith
  • Paul Zeidman
  • Joe Fiorello
  • Carla Roda
  • Gareth Williams
  • Yeniffer Behrens

Hopefully you will find some festive film inspiration here.

Thank you for supporting The Mighty Dragon throughout 2021.

The Mighty Dragon 🐉 will return

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