The Mighty Dragon turns 4

When I started this blog 4 years ago it was meant to be a journal to drop my thoughts as a writer on a journey to create a TV series. I named the blog after my favourite actor, John Lone. You may see some posts where I share a pic of him and hashtag #theoriginalmightydragon – I’m very fortunate to have some signed items of Johns to share with his fans over on Insta.

Also, it seemed right to name the blog after him, after all the character in my scripts that I write mostly about is based on him. So thanks to the real Dragon himself, for continuing to inspire my character “Bertie”.

Writing is something I have done off/on over the years, to be sidelined by other events, career, life stuff, internal anxiety that I don’t have “what it takes” but always something I’ve always returned to. Tortured by this want to create stories, mostly for my own amusement. But forever hopeful that they could go further.

I’ve reached nearly 100 interviews now and met such a huge network of filmmakers and all-round inspirational people in the business. I want to thank all of them for making The Mighty Dragon what it is today, a blog with an international reach. Mindhunter and Mandalorian podcasts with the actors, and soon-to-be-announced another Star Wars podcast venture.

2022 is the year I move my stories into animation. So, it’s a good time to celebrate from where I was, to where I am now. A lot has happened in the past four years, some things I still pinch myself to believe.

A big thank you from me to you all who have watched, listened, or viewed the podcasts on YouTube/Anchor or read them on the blog.

There’s more to come…

SOCIAL MEDIA – Come and say hello 🙂

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