The Mighty Dragon podcast with Deborah Richards #movemenomountain

Deborah Richards

Cocktails, Croydon and Vegas

On The Mighty Dragon podcast this week is Emmy award winning filmmaker Deborah Richards.

Deborah discusses her career from flair bartending to Dark Lights, which was released last year. A huge success, this horror short was awarded Best Cinematography, Best Special Effects and Best Horror Short at the Stranger Days Independent Film Festival.

Deborah wears multiple hats during the filmmaking process, something which she does again for Move Me No Mountain, her first feature, out this summer. We spoke about the challenges and rewards of being in control of all these elements (writer, director, VFX, camera etc) and how this has impacted her scriptwriting.

After the interview I was left in complete admiration of Deborah’s achievements and drive. A strong, vocal champion of women’s filmmaking (not to mention picking up the NW Woman Filmmaker of the Year award), Deborah’s star is rising. Not only this, but she has done so with grace and respect for those she has worked with.

Thank you for this opportunity Deborah, may I wish you all the best with your future projects.


The Mighty Dragon podcast with Deborah Richards


IMDb – Deborah Richards

Move Me No Mountain trailer
Dark Lights trailer



Move Me No Mountain – behind the scenes and gallery

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